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What talent!

You guys were amazing. What talent! Thoroughly enjoyed it & see you next year!

Beverley Anne Burgess

Complexities in arrangements

Not an easy band to emulate due to complexities in arrangements…this band do a great job and stay close to the original.

Gary Bowler


Just seen you in Warwick, absolutely amazeballs!

Rashida Ann Shaikh

We will be booking tickets for your return

My partner loves Santana and he said you were phenomenal. We will be booking tickets for your return. We can’t wait till next April.

Wendy Hughes

Great show Carlos would be proud of what you guys

Thanks very much for putting on a great show. Carlos would of been proud of you all.

Richard Sam Smith

That was very good

Hard job playing Santana tunes , that was very good!

Alan Patrick

Overall, most definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We had a great time. You are a wonderful band with a genuine rapport and your talents shine. Thank you for coming all the way up north to Whitby. Next year hope you can play a York venue. Overall, most definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jyothi Hartley

Going again

Absolutely amazing, when they are back in my area i’ll be going again

Janet Mitchell

Superb performance

A great night, superb performance. We all had a fantastic time.

Martin Pepper


Thank you for coming to Ashford, you were amazing

Alan Croninhill

Even better than last week!

Fabulous night – even better than Chester last week well done!

Gareth Rogers

If you get the chance to go see them please do!

Absolutely excellent gig last night, if you get the chance to go see them please do ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star experience! I spoke to the lead guitarist at the interval at told him last week I went to see Joe Bonamassa in Leeds and tbh I was enjoying very Santana more!

John Flinton

Absolutely loved it!

Absolutely loved seeing you guys! See you when you’re back in Wales!

Jodie Denniss

This group takes you back in time

Went to the concert in Hay on Wye. Absolutely loved it! A very cosy performance, almost personal! Been a Santana fan since the 70s. This group takes you back in time. Everyone was competent, involved and musical, but the guitarist was “in the zone”! He WAS Carlos Santana! Well done guys. Fab-u-lous!!!

Malcolm Smith

Brought my 16 yr old grandson!

You guys were brilliant tonight….brought my 16 yr old grandson who is a newbie to the music of Santana, and he loved it..what’s not to like….thanks for a great evening…

Philip Andrews

One of the best tribute band i’ve seen.

I was there last night, front row, absolutely loved it, one of the best tribute band i’ve seen.

Jimmy Duffy

Incredibly talented band

Glad I was at the opening night of your tour. Incredibly talented band. Please come back soon!

Phillip Evans

Very nice!

Hard to emulate such a great guitarist, but he’s doing a nice job!

John Souter

Opening with “ Soul Sacrifice” , and carried on “cookin”

Just recently seen Very Santana at the Ramsbottom Civic Hall, what a great night they treated us too. Authentic Santana sound and mood , great musicians and vocals , totally blitzed the opening with “ Soul Sacrifice” , and carried on “ cookin” all night ! Covered lots of Santana’s work from different eras, really good, will definitely go again next time they are around!

David Eyre

Absolutely fantastic and will definitely see you again next time round!

First time for me and hubby watching you play last night , absolutely fantastic and will definitely see you again next time round . Loved every minute!

Angela Critchley


My favourite was Europa absolutely outstanding. Had goosebumps.

Tina Marie Blackman

A great Santana Experience from Very Santana

Top quality musicians putting their own slight slant on Santana’s music. I thought you played a good mix, only missed Foo Foo! Loved the encore and the dancing warmed us up slightly! Will definitely come to another gig just not sure if my bones can stand being so cold as they were in the Matlock Bath Pavilion!🥶 Well done and thank you to you all!🎸🎼🎶🎸

Gill Smith

Masterful playing & singing

I was at your Matlock Bath concert last night & wanted to thank you all for a fabulous & highly skilled musical extravaganza. Despite the cold venue I enjoyed a very meaningful experience which I can only describe as spiritual. Your masterful playing & singing connected me back to when I first heard Santana in the 70’s & how the combination of great percussion, keyboards, different musical styles & rhythms + changes in tempo & the powerful voice of the guitar resonated deeply inside me in places that I previously didn’t know existed. Thank you for your love of the music & hard work in bringing it to us the audience. Of course, now I want more & am enquiring if you could plan a concert in Nottingham where I live? Fingers crossed!


Enjoyed every minute!

Great evening and all so talented!

Beverley Duncan

I was the constantly dancing

Had a great evening, thanks so much. I was the constantly dancing one right at the back, lol!

Angela Butcher

A band that’s well worth seeing

Fabulous show from very talented musicians/vocalists, thank you so much. A band that’s well worth seeing

Susan Collins


Fantastic concert and great venue, you guys were amazing!

Steve England


Thanks ‘Very Santana’ for classy, sophisticated evenings entertainment in Warwick tonight ESTUPENDO 🎸

Buz Hicks


You played superbly at the Tivoli in Wimborne! Brilliant show – really enjoyed it – and great to chat with you!

Ken Short

Fabulous Gig!

Fabulous Gig! I travelled from Liverpool to see you which was well worth it. I’ve been to Alexander’s Live a few times too. Why not come play in the Music Capital of the World? The Cavern maybe!

Brian Chorley

Great evening!

Great music!! Well done to all of you!

Jason Wardle

Caught the Santana vibe perfectly!

Great show!!! You guys caught the Santana vibe perfectly! I loved the improved guitar so very Carlos!

Phil Powell

Fantastic evening at a stunning venue

An amazing talented band and a fantastic evening at a stunning venue! Great to meet you-make sure you come back again!

Julia Odey

I’ve never even heard anyone attempt this

I’ve been a Santana fan since sneaking into the cinema at 15 years old in 1969 to see Woodstock. Soul Sacrifice blew me away. That rendering by this band is brilliant. I’ve never even heard anyone attempt this most intricate of tracks. If you ever come to the Edinburgh area I’ll be first in the queue.

Ian Hunter

Still buzzing from it!

Excellent show 👏 still buzzing from it. Please come and see us again in Colwyn Bay. I’d like to thank the lady next to me for the dance too whoever she was 😁

Gaz Jones

You played your hearts out!

Great to see you all again at Alexander’s last night. Brilliant gig, you played your hearts out!
Looking forward to many more!

Phil Parry

“Very Santana” have been able to capture the very essence of Santana.

I’ve been a hardened fan of Santana since the late 60’s , through their Latin rock albums 1,2 and 3 , his flirt with Jazz with McLaughlin and nods to Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders and Coltrane , on Welcome and Caravansari, cumulated in the album with Alice Coltrane Illumination . I know every note and nuance of their music and the spirit it conjures . I have to say the band ” Very Santana ” have been able to capture the very essence of Santana. I loved their show in Warwick recently and I will definitely be back for more . You guys are a real credit to their decades of musicality.

Godwin John

Front row

We loved being in the front row, awesome show!

Paula Harman

You were phenomenal!

We had a great night. 1st time attending and def up for a 2nd when your back again.

Wendy Hughes

What talent!

Brilliant night. What talent. Enjoy the rest of the tour.

Michelle Jones

Such great musicians

Was totally blown away such great musicians. Would recommend to anyone who loves live music 🎶, hope you’re back soon!

Steve Lloyd

Loved the concert.

Even got a chance to join in with the rhythm section 😜. Brilliant

Bo Young

Very well played!

Keep the spirit of Santana up. Very well played. I’ve been following Santana since I was introduced to Abraxas. I’ve played a lot of his solo’s on Shows for years. It’s lovely to see a tribute to such a great guitar player. All the best for the future.

Graham Turner

Booked to see you again

Fantastic, loved every minute, amazing band, booked to see you again in March at Pendley, can’t wait.

Ann Waterman

A wonderful show, and so much talent!

A wonderful show, and so much talent. Thank you. We saw Santana in Paris about 5 years ago and you were equally as talented, and they have a massive music backing. Awesome xx see you again!

Fiona Payne

Absolutely brilliant show ….see you next year!

Already booked for next year – thank you so much for an absolutely superb evening! You are all so talented! Still playing in my head!
It was the second time we’ve seen you there at Wimborne and to say it was a great evening is an understatement!
You are a brilliantly talented bunch! My husband has always been the major Santana fan in our family but following you guys has made me one too.
Can’t wait to see you again next year but meanwhile we hope you all have a fantastic tour.

Gill Barrett

Thank you for an amazing show.

Absolutely stunning hearing all those Santana tunes. Brilliant!!! Until next year…

Andrew Lucas


Good music, good band of friends

Les Anderson

You totally got it!

“You guys get what being a tribute is all about – its not being note for note perfect (the real Santana rarely copy themselves but improvise and beyond each time)– it’s about getting the right feel – holding the buitar note – that slight delay coning in behind the beat – those almost apologetically quiet throwaway guitar fills that you need 20 fingers to play….all Carlos Santana trademarks – and you have those things (which are the hardest things) just right. So the whole ‘feel’ of the gig was right.
Only criticisms – Oye Como Va – my second fav. Santana of all (just behind Tina Turner’s Game of Love). Just wish if you are going to play it early on, you’d play it straight. It was too cold to get everyone going that early last night and maybe that was the problem. And I did miss ‘Well All Right’ – thought that would be an encore, But hey I’m only nit-picking over what was a wonderful evening.
Well done all. I don’t like tribute acts – always something missing for me. So I reluctantly bought my ticket as Im a long-time Santana Fan. Didn’t expect much and instead was really taken away by the skill and the vibe of the whole concert. Fabulous.
When I went with the missus I said (a bit arrogantly). “I’ll see if he’s any good” and said “One thing Carlos Santana does is he doesn’t over-play – he leaves spaces in between”. I just didn’t know how a tribute to an improviser would work – how can you replicate when the original could play so many variations (just on Samba Pa Ti for example)?
Rolly you totally got it – you didn’t over play. The Man himself lets the others do the chords and the rythmn, sing the songs – he is the original maestro. You did him proud.
I want to see you lot somewhere warmer soon!”

Bill (and Caroline)

Last eve, wow!!!

I was there as well, from Hfd, have been to the Globe before, but this was sooo personal, I’ve seen original group Colston Hall circa 1972 around Carsvanserai period, great eve! Got friends in Newquay have mesgd them!

Pete Girling

Really love you guys!

That version of Samba Pa ti is sheer musical bliss. I think the tone of the guitar has a massive effect…..SWEET MUSIC ROLL ON

Joseph Shinkwin

We had the best night!

Absolutely fabulous – we had the best night, loved every minute! You guys are awesome!

Lisa Stafford

Fantastic night out for both me and my partner.

At your gig in Redditch. Hadn’t heard of you guys before but was curious. Absolutely loved it. Fantastic night out for both me and my partner. Will definitely be at your next Redditch gig. You guys deserve a fantastic future. Bring it on!

James Finney

Loved the energy

Had a great night. Loved the energy and obviously the music!

Lynne Pettyfer

Keep coming back!

Second time seeing you and we’ll be back every time you’re down. Just brilliant, you should all be so proud!

Bryher Taylor

They’re not to be missed.

We saw them in Wimborne, they’re not to be missed. Easily in the top 5 groups, I’ve seen at the Tivoli and the Top 10 for those I’ve seen anywhere!

David Buse

Venue just added to your music

You were all Fabulous, had a great evening. Look forward to seeing you again next year.

Brenda Courtney

You can almost think this was Santana for real

Yes a great gig really hit the nail on the head if you close your eyes you can almost think this was Santana for real!

Steve Landers

Well done

What a fabulous and very moving rendition.

David Thompson

Very talented musicians

A very enjoyable evening from very talented musicians. Well done and hope to see you in our lovely town again.

Trevor Harris

I am a huge Santana fan and you were all fabulous!

Wow, amazing night. I am a huge Santana fan and you were all fabulous. Thank you so much, look forward to seeing you again!

Corry Thrussell

Well worth the wait!

Well worth the wait! You were all fantastic, Rolly stands out as the ‘Carlos’ but he couldn’t have done it without the rest of you, you all are Very Santana, can’t wait to see you again!

Kris Larner

Very professional great sounds!

See n Santana three times but your gig last night brought back those sounds I hadn’t heard for a long time well done keep it going.

David Botfield

Loved every minute of it

This was a brilliant show we loved every minute of it!

Phil Bailey

Uplifting and magical!

Thanks for a truly great performance at Alexander’s. Uplifting and magical! A superb tribute to an amazing band.

Chris Nall-Evans

Have tickets for both Bathgate and Kinross this time

Absolutely first class. Saw a sell out show in Kinross last year and have tickets for both Bathgate and Kinross this time. The guitarist is unassuming and outstanding! Sent shivers down my spine when they played Europa! Standing ovation at the end from a full house. Haste ye back!

Steve Kelly

Sheer brilliance

Wow! They took me back to my days on radio in the 70s when I played the originals. Sheer brilliance. Bravo!

Stan Acaster

The guitarist was brilliant

Loved the music of Very Santana and I’ve been a fan of Carlos Santana for years. Very impressed with all the band and of course the guitarist was brilliant.

Anthea Pablow

The musicians were PHENOMENAL!

This was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING show 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
My husband and I didn’t want it to end.
The musicians were PHENOMENAL!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Each one bringing their own expertise and talent to the group.
The end product? A mind blowing show.
The stunning outfits on the 2 beautiful female members serve to enhance the star quality.
The singer!!!! WOW!!! AWESOME AWESOME 👏🏽👏🏽 her vocal range is INCREDIBLE Her voice is FANTASTIC!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
When engaging with the audience, her lovely personality becomes clearly evident ❤️
She sings whilst working the stage with an array of dance moves which would qualify her for a place on the strictly come dancing show 💃🏾😄
I do have to give a shout out to the lead guitarist 🎸 WOW!!😲 WHAT AN AMAZING TALENT 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 AWESOME AWESOME!!
Needless to say, we had a fantastic time.
Thanks guys ❤️

Elecia Shanti

A cracking show in Chester!

A cracking show in Chester tonight. First time seeing you for us… We will be on the front row of Colwyn Bay theatre!

Shirley Hughes

Tremendous tribute to an iconic band

Brilliant show on Saturday night 👌 I mentioned I saw Santana in 1981 & you guys were so good and such a tremendous tribute to an iconic band! See you next year at the Globe, Hay on Wye👏👏

Dave Cope

Great musicians!

Excellent show, great musicians, took me back to my teenage years when I just loved anything that Santana put out!

Allan Stevenson