Amera – Lead Vocalist

Amera, the captivating lead vocalist and percussionist of the six-piece tribute band Very Santana, mesmerises audiences with her soulful voice and rhythmic prowess. With roots in church worship groups and collaborations with funk, soul, and blues bands, her musical journey is diverse and dynamic.

As a singer-songwriter and top liner, Amera’s talent extends beyond vocals, seamlessly transitioning between roles within and outside the band. Her academic achievements include a master’s degree in commercial songwriting and production from TileYard College London, complemented by a Grade 8 vocal qualification from Trinity College London.

In addition to her musical expertise, Amera brings a wealth of linguistic and cultural knowledge to the band, holding a degree in Modern Languages and fluency in Spanish. This perfectly complements the Spanish and Latin-influenced repertoire of Santana’s iconic songs.

Offstage, Amera dedicates her time to aiding trauma survivors through her innovative business, leveraging her songwriting and creative skills. Her commitment to making a difference extends to her work within the criminal justice system, collaborating with agencies to positively impact society.

Raised in a musical household, Amera’s journey into music began at the age of 11, composing songs and playing piano by ear. Her talent has earned her recognition, including appearances on BBC radio and supporting slots for esteemed acts like Soul II Soul.

Amera’s unwavering commitment to her craft, coupled with her dedication to making a difference through music, linguistics, and community engagement, solidifies her as an indispensable force within the Very Santana tribute band and beyond.