Steve – Bassist

Having achieved grade 5 on the cello at the age of nine ten, being a child of the 70s I decided it was ‘cissy’ and gave up.

I’d always loved Motown, reggae, 70s disco, ska, as well as Rush , Iron Maiden, Motörhead, only in later life I realized it was the I was drawn to the bass in these genres.

Then real life took over: relationships, job, mortgage etc so I didn’t pick a bass until I was 28 and basically learned by playing along to my favourite tracks & jamming with mates for a couple of years, I went to watch Rock band and thought ‘I could do that’ and cheekily asked the singer if they were looking for a bass player.

12 months later I got the call and my journey to Very Santana began, during the intervening years I’ve played in various bands ranging from Heavy Rock , Pop, Reggae & Ska, which I feel has prepared me for the music of Santana…..