“You guys get what being a tribute is all about – its not being note for note perfect (the real Santana rarely copy themselves but improvise and beyond each time)– it’s about getting the right feel – holding the buitar note – that slight delay coning in behind the beat – those almost apologetically quiet throwaway guitar fills that you need 20 fingers to play….all Carlos Santana trademarks – and you have those things (which are the hardest things) just right. So the whole ‘feel’ of the gig was right.
Only criticisms – Oye Como Va – my second fav. Santana of all (just behind Tina Turner’s Game of Love). Just wish if you are going to play it early on, you’d play it straight. It was too cold to get everyone going that early last night and maybe that was the problem. And I did miss ‘Well All Right’ – thought that would be an encore, But hey I’m only nit-picking over what was a wonderful evening.
Well done all. I don’t like tribute acts – always something missing for me. So I reluctantly bought my ticket as Im a long-time Santana Fan. Didn’t expect much and instead was really taken away by the skill and the vibe of the whole concert. Fabulous.
When I went with the missus I said (a bit arrogantly). “I’ll see if he’s any good” and said “One thing Carlos Santana does is he doesn’t over-play – he leaves spaces in between”. I just didn’t know how a tribute to an improviser would work – how can you replicate when the original could play so many variations (just on Samba Pa Ti for example)?
Rolly you totally got it – you didn’t over play. The Man himself lets the others do the chords and the rythmn, sing the songs – he is the original maestro. You did him proud.
I want to see you lot somewhere warmer soon!”

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